What is Coaching? 

In its most simple definition, coaching is an empowering conversation. Several conversations can evoke transformation.  We design & create our coaching relationship together.  We'll discover what matters the most to you, what you long for & where you get stuck.  I am committed to empowering you to find your voice.


What I Believe About Coaching 

I believe all people want to be at conscious choice, creating & deeply experiencing their lives!  I’m not a guru & I don’t hold the answers…YOU do!  I believe in the innate power of human beings to achieve their goals & live their dreams! I believe in the creative power of coaching to inspire & support them to get there!

Who I Work With 

I work with a select group of clients who seek a deeper connection to themselves, to others & to the world.  I also lead retreats & workshops for people who want to discover or reclaim the authentic expression of who they are. 

If you're interested in coaching, click the button below & let's connect!