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who i am

I was born in a tiny Swiss village named Zermatt.  I'm the oldest of four.  I saved my allowance in a Cool-Whip container to buy my first cat.  I grew up in Michigan & then North Carolina, always on the water.  I got married & divorced.  I lived in Austin, TX for a hot minute, then I followed my heart to L.A. & home again.  I bought a house & planted lavender.  I wrote a book.  My dad died & I fell in love with the sea on the pages of his journal.  I sailed across the Atlantic as part of a crew of six, I didn't wash my hair for 16 days.  I sold my house & bought a boat.  I learned how to work on a diesel engine.  I got trained as a Co-Active® coach.  I fell deeply in love with my heart & rediscovered my spirit.      

I spent my life building a successful career in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.  I've done every role from research assistant to clinical operations manager.  I’ve monitored every metric & managed every team that those roles imply.  And, there was always a quiet voice I couldn’t ignore.  I long to create impact in the world, I long to be free & adventurous…living joyfully & on purpose.  So, I began consciously creating the life I wanted.  I traded my business clothes for sundresses & my heels for bare feet.  I created space in my days for being & not so much doing.  Now I'm poised to serve in a new, meaningful way:

...inspiring & empowering people to deeply connect to themselves, to each other & to the world! 



ready to get started?

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