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A Season of Being

This is the time of year when I begin to crave fall…summer becomes too long and too hot and I'm ready for a cool change (pun intended).

As soon as I stepped outside this morning, I felt the longing for the cool down slow dance into winter. The sun feels hot on my back as I write, but the southerly wind on my face is slightly cooler.

I’m craving October and November.

I’m craving sweaters and socks.

I love summer. I love the heat and the humidity, I love the fast pace contrasted with the lazy hammock shady green grass afternoons. I love seasons, naturally inspired and imposed changes. A chance to reflect, to find a new rhythm for our days.

I am in a season of being.

It sounds like the strangest thing and it feels uncomfortable. Correction: it felt uncomfortable in the beginning. Now, this morning, it feels glorious and spacious, like something is moving under the surface. This great period of not-doing is a subconscious deepening, a transformation of some kind. The uncertainty about the next season, the unknown, they’re of no concern in this season of being.

My head asks, but, what are you doing??

Being, my heart simply says.

This is a time of ease and grace.

I rise with the sun most mornings, and not all. I spend some time being quiet with my pen and my coffee. Sometimes I have nothing to say, sometimes I fill pages in my journal.

I might work or do laundry or ride my bike or write stories depending on the day and the moon. I kayak or mess around on the boat, depending on the chance of afternoon showers.

The other day, I forget which one, I walked to the island and got an ice cream cone. Yes, mint chocolate chip…although I was open to being inspired by another flavor.

I dance and play and spend time with friends or alone – alone is my favorite. I’m really enjoying my own company at the moment.

I cook and make tea and watch a movie or read or commune with faeries, then I pray for lucid dreams and deep knowing and guidance and fall into restful sleep.

I know this season will change. Life will evolve and I’ll be inspired or pulled another way. I know more doing will come. For now, in this season of being, I’m going to bathe in the beauty of being present and free and alive.

I’m not going to crave the seasons yet to come, I’m going to crave the one I’m in.

What season are you in?

How will you fully experience this one before moving on to the next?

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